The website

I've been working on this here and there during my limited amount of spare time. I'm not exactly a computer guru, so it likely took a lot longer to get up and running than it should have. I still haven't figured out how to keep similar items together like the knives/hatchets, in one spot and the knucks in another. Right now it's all pretty random. I'm sure it's something simple I should have figured out already.

Facebook and Instagram have been great ways to post photos and gather interest, but a salesman I am not. I realize it has been difficult to get prices and details on what I have in stock and what I don't. I am hoping this site makes most of that a non-issue.

There was a minor price restructuring, but most prices didn't change. Everything looks more expensive due to adding the credit card fees up front instead of adding them with shipping after the fact like I have been doing. I think it's nicer to have fewer surprises during the purchasing process.

Trying to figure out how to structure the shipping costs was tricky and hopefully I got it right. I can't explain to the computer how many things I can fit in a small flat rate box versus a medium one, so I came up with a fee structure that will hopefully get it done correctly. Time will tell if it works or needs to be tweaked a bit.

That all being said, browse the website and have a look around. If you have any purchasing problems, just email me and let me know. The worst that could happen is I will cancel the transaction and do it the old fashioned way with Paypal while I fix the issue.