I’m not your mommy, your daddy (unless you’re one of three people that I am aware of), your lawyer, overpriced cappuccino maker, priest, counselor, or psychiatrist. It’s not my job to know the laws where you live, that is your job… and you need to know them as they apply to you and the defensive weapons or tools you carry daily, whether they were made by me or some other awesome American entrepreneur.

Please do not run amuck, aloof, willy nilly, use microaggressions, macroaggressions, passive aggressions, not-so-passive aggressions, or violate anyone's safe space with the intent of making their space less safe. Having a brass ring on your hand, a hatchet at your side, or a knife in your pocket will not give you an extra saving roll against spells, possession, lead projectiles, violent retaliation, or your own general stupidity.

This, of course, also includes not popping the tops on enough beers that you black out for three days and wake up in Canada naked with a splitting headache and no kidneys.

Use your tools responsibly and take care of them. They will, in return, take care of you.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter,

Mark Raymond