M. R. Mayhem


Designed to hold down targets at the range during those inconvenient wind gusts. Has the added bonus of keeping that guy in the next shooting lane that is looking down the barrel of his handgun to see if it is loaded from bothering you. 

Made from premium 1/2" brass. 

The holes are 15/16". The holes are, however, elongated to 1 3/16" making them very comfortable. This used to be the hole sizes of the Chimera, which has been discontinued.

The large version has 1 inch holes elongated to 1 1/4".

Since I was reworking my knuck design to do away with the round holes, it seemed easier to just go with a regular and large version that have two different names (honestly, they were starting to get confusing).

All size are approximate. I sand these all out by hand individually, so the hole sizes may vary slightly.


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